Frequently Asked Questions:

When is rent due? 

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late on the 5th at 5PM. Rent is divided into twelve equal installments for convenience. Rent is to be paid online through your tenant portal.

What does my rent include?

Rent includes trash, recycling, lawn service and pest control. 

How do I request maintenance? 

Submit your request through your tenant portal and be specific (e.g. sink dripping in rear bathroom). Submit all maintenance request on one request. Maintenance should be there within approximately 24-72 hours. If you have an Emergency call the office at 706-353-6868, if no one answers contact the Emergency number 706-229-6946 if you have to leave a message, state your name, phone number, property with Unit # and the emergency. All maintenance requests non-emergency and emergency must be submitted through your tenant portal.

What are utilities and how are they paid for? 

Utilities are water, electricity, (and gas Tanyard 1-12 units). You are responsible to have your utilities turned on in your name on your lease start date, they are to remain on through your lease end date.

How do I apply and qualify to lease? 

Our Application Acceptance Standards are listed on our website you can also see Choose your Unit and Apply.

Do you require a holding fee or security deposit? 

Yes, we do require a holding fee to secure your unit. The holding fee will become your security deposit when you move in and the lease term begins.

Is my security deposit refundable? 

Yes, if at the end of your lease you leave the unit in the same clean and good condition as when you moved in and have not caused any damage. (Security Deposit Policy and Cleaning Requirements are in your lease)

Do you offer individual leases or joint leases?

We offer Joint Leases, we do not lease by the bedroom.

One Bedroom pricing is for SINGLE OCCUPANCY.  If two persons will be occupying the unit the rent will increase for the additional tenant.

Two Bedroom pricing is for DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. If more than two people will be occupying the unit, the rent will increase for each additional tenant.

How long is the lease? 

Our leases begin in early August and end in mid July. Rent is divided into 12 equal installments. (exact dates vary)

How do I know what units are Available or Pre-Leasing?

Click the Red Button Pre-Lease & Available Now each unit available and the date available for Move In will be listed. For more information Click View Details, Click Contact Us for specific information from a representative.

Is renters insurance required? 

Renters insurance is strongly recommended and a low cost way to protect your belongings from damage, loss or theft. It is not required.

Will I be allowed to sublet my apartment or break my lease? 

As your lease states we do not allow sub-leasing nor can you be released from your lease. Case by case and at the managers discretion (a meeting with the manager is required to determine if this may be an option) a qualified applicant may begin a New Lease on your unit. 

Depending on the time of year, the new tenant quite possibly will have to sign a lease through July of the NEXT rental year and We will show your exact unit to a potential new tenant.

The Re-Lease fee is equal to one month’s rent and must be paid before the unit can be listed as available or advertised. The fee charged is for advertising, extra paperwork, and turning a unit at an unscheduled time. Tenant is responsible for their rent until their lease end date or the start date of the new signed lease if a replacement tenant is found.

I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?

All leases are Joint & Several, meaning any roommate changes, additions or removals require all parties to agree and sign off on any changes. For any amendment there is a minimum $100 amendment fee. We do not roommate match or lease be the bedroom. Contact the office, the remaining tenant would need to locate their new roommate, we would sign a new lease with the remaining tenant and the new roommate and sign a Release with the outgoing tenant.

Where do I pick up my keys when moving in? 

You will come to our office at Arbor Creek to pick up your move in packet that will contain ALL of the keys to the unit. Rent has to be paid in Full to receive your keys. Utilities must be turned on in your name as of your lease start date.

Do you allow pets? 

We allow pets at Arbor Creek (with some restrictions No dogs allowed in upstairs units or the L building one bedroom units). Tanyard No Pets allowed, Patriot Park No dogs allowed. No Visiting pets allowed. (see pet policy) Tenant must receive managements permission Prior to getting or adding a pet and adhere to the Pet Policy, an Addendum must be signed. If there is no Addendum signed and you are found with an unauthorized pet/animal you will be charged a fine of $250 – $300 and you must remove the pet/animal within 7 days. Joiner Management reserves the right to refuse any pet for any reason.

We have leased out for Fall 2024 at  Arbor Creek, Tanyard Condominium’s, and Patriot Park. We  have at The Terraces one furnished unit for corporate leasing, short term (three months) or long term lease. Available units are listed on our website. You may reach us by email if you have any questions  Tenants please continue to use your tenant portal to submit your rent payment and to request maintenance.

Joiner Management