Application Acceptance Standards

Thank you for considering our property for your next home. The following information is to assist you in the application procedure, helping to process your application(s) quickly and easily.  You can go to PRE-LEASE AVAILABLE NOW on our website and select the unit you wish to apply to, click apply now, you will now enter your information. Read instructions on Choose your Unit and Apply before applying.

The following information is required.  All information will be verified. The applicant must be the individual to reside in the unit.

  • Name, address and phone number of unrelated current and immediate previous landlord for each applicant.
  • Attach scan of your government issued photo ID. (drivers license, passport)
  • If you have a dog attach picture of dog.
  • Because of their limited resources and credit history, we allow Full-Time Students to use a Sponsor Guarantor form. The Guarantor form must be Notarized when your Guarantor signs it and mailed to us within ten days of signing the lease. You can find the form under Information & FAQ’s, you would also complete the application following the Choose your unit and apply instructions for using a Guarantor.
  • You must be a Full-Time Student and provide proof of enrollment to use Guarantor form.
  • If you are a Full-Time student and you have a letter from the University stating an assistantship and the monetary compensation, Attach scanned letter to the application.
  • Attach scan of your most recent paycheck.
  • Monthly net income (AFTER taxes) of at least 3 times the monthly rental amount.
  • Verifiable employment history of at least six months.
  • We will obtain a credit report from SafeRent Solutions (Equifax). Applicant must have a FICO score of or above 650.  If no credit has been established, two credit references must be obtained.  We will verify previous rental references of 12 months or longer.  Utilities can only be used if you obtain a credit letter from the utility company.  If bankruptcy has been declared in the past 7 years, proof must be presented that credit has been reestablished.
  • Students are welcome to fill out our application and qualify on their own merits.

We have leased out for Fall 2024 at Arbor Creek,  Tanyard Condominium’s, and Patriot Park. We have at The Terraces one furnished unit for corporate leasing, short term (three months) or long term lease. Available units are listed on our website. You may reach us by email if you have any questions  Tenants please continue to use your tenant portal to submit your rent payment and to request maintenance.

Joiner Management